Sun May Hiong Pork Satay, Jalan Kota Laksamana, Melaka/Malacca

We went to malacca/melaka (which way do you write it actually?) a few months ago on a mad eating spree, where we tried a small cafe on jonker street and chicken rice too.

The shop front.

The shop front.

Looking through my old photos, I realize that we ate alot more than that and one of the places I particularly enjoyed was Sun May Hion pork satay, on Jalan Kota Laksamana.

From in front of the shop you can see these two popular tourist attractions

Why build something so expensive and then move it?

Why build something so expensive and then move it?

It’s actually just off Jonker street and you can walk there in no time at all. But if you’re lazy like us, you’ll drive. From the row in front of the shops you can see the landmarks above. I don’t know why the ‘eye’ was moved to Malacca, as if there wasn’t better uses of our money in the first place…

The old uncle cooking up a fresh batch

The old uncle cooking up a fresh batch

The pork satay at this place is pretty famous in Melaka and is constantly being cooked right in front of the shop. The smells wafting on to the street drew me in like one of those UV lights attracts flies.

Satay and more satay...

Satay and more satay...

After sitting down, a lady asked us what we wanted to drink and how much satay we wanted to start with. For 3 of us I think we started with maybe 20+ sticks of satay, some pork, some pork innards (yummmm) and I think there were a few sticks of chicken satay as well.

The sauce really added great flavour to the satay

The sauce really added great flavour to the satay

The satay was served with the pre-requisite ketupat, onions, cucumber and of course the satay sauce. The satay sauce here was slightly different than normal as it had chunks of pineapple inside which gave it a nice salty, nutty, sweet flavour.

For me, you HAVE to eat your satay with a bit of ketupat, onion and cucumber on the stick before dipping it into the satay sauce before having a bite. The combination of textures, colours and flavours was great and is what I feel makes asian food so diverse and just down right tasty.

Satay anybody?

Satay anybody?

While you eat, the satay is constantly topped up on your plate in front of you. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you pay for everything that’s put on the plate, just what you eat, they count by stick (RM0.60/stick). I think it’s really smart to do it this way as you always eat more when the food is right under your nose. Haha.

We probably ate close to 50 sticks for 3 of us. Maybe more…

Sun May Hiong Pork Satay

Jalan Kota Laksamana

Off Jonker Street


Cuisine: Satay (Is this malay/indian/chinese?)

Non Halal

9 thoughts on “Sun May Hiong Pork Satay, Jalan Kota Laksamana, Melaka/Malacca

  1. I was wonderin the same when i saw the Eye on Malaysia in Melaka. To be honest, i was pretty disappointed. The view frm the Gyro Tower is much more beautiful as compared to the one from the eye, for the surrounding areas are still under construction.

    I like how they serve their ketupat as compared to Ming Sate Hut n it was my first time to try the liver and the innards. The sauce’s really really good!

  2. of course satay is chinese… sa means 3, tay means pieces… thats why u always find 3 piece of meat on the skewer… makes sense?!

  3. Alexis: Yea, we loved the sauce cause it had that extra oomph from the pineapples. It gave it a sweet tangy taste. Loved it!!

    Superweightkoalabear: Well we learn something new today I guess..haha.. Sometimes we can’t tell anymore which dish belongs to which cuisine cause everything has been so malaysian-ised. =)

  4. cravings: a combination of both actually. But I use Lightroom and these pictures weren’t shot in RAW which made it a bit hard to tweak…

    I think I probably ate 30 sticks myself… that’s 90 pieces of meat! omg.

  5. Hey guys i’ll be heading to melaka and heard of this pork satay from a friend. And thanks to you guys I managed to google it, but I wished you had stated its operating hours since my friend told me this uncle closes shop quite early. Please advice whats the best time to go there! Thanks!

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