Restaurant Kuang Wah, Sungai Besar, Selangor

Recently, I had the privilege to visit my dad’s hometown in Sungai Besar. Its about a 1.5 hour drive out from Petaling Jaya through the coastal road and is in the district of Sabak Bernam. As its name suggest Sungai besar is where the river mouth connects to the ocean. Hence, a good place to go for fresh seafood.


So we found ourselves in Restoran Kuang Wah, which is being run by my dad’s ex primary schoolmate. Amazing how people still keep in touch. This restaurant is popular both among the locals and the tourists. A famous place for seafood as it is situated right next to the river mouth.


It was only 430pm when we arrived there and you can see the restaurant was ALREADY PACKED! So you can imagine how packed it will be during lunch and dinner time. I found it abit weird for people to have their lunch or dinner so late or early ( whichever they are having).

We sat down and ordered as the uncle recommended the freshest catch of the day. The below list of what we ordered will definitely send the cholesterol sky high.

Promfret with noodles RM75

Mantis Shrimp with black pepper sauce RM15

Deep fried squid and fish RM30

Prawns with rice wine and steamed egg RM30

Fried Tang Hoon RM18


All of us went ‘ wow’ when we saw the size of the pompret. It was huge, I kid you not. I think for this kind of size, it will easily be more than RM100 if it were eaten in KL. But it only cost us RM75. Very interesting dish, where the fish is eaten with the bee hoon and not the other way around. The fish was very fresh and not too many bones. The bee hoon was also very tasty when eaten with the sauce.


I wasn’t a very big fan for this dish. This is mantis prawn ( lau nui har) in black pepper sauce. I think it would be better if they peeled the prawns for us, as it was very difficult to get the prawns out of their shells. So it took a little more time. But others enjoyed it. They say the harder to get to the meat, the tastier it’ll be. Hmm..I like to think otherwise. The easier to the meat, the better for me. (Less work).


This dish was a crowd favourite. Deep fried squid and fish. The squid is to die for, nice thick slices of squid dipped in batter and deep fried. I don’t know why this is so good, i’m assuming its because the squid came fresh from the sea. The fish was good too, kinda reminded of me of fish and chips back in Melbourne. I”m not sure what kind of fish they used, but there were some bones in it. Would have been better without the bones, but fret not, the bones are quite big so you can pick them out. You must eat this with the sweet chilli sauce or not, no kick.


Another favourite is the steamed prawns in chinese rice wine and egg. Look at the size of the prawns they gave. So big and succulent, we all had a good time peeling this one. I loved it. I personally like the egg as well, as it absorbed the prawn flavour and the soy sauce and wine. Shiok!


Lastly, was the fried tang hoon. This dish was abit disappointing, cause it came out pretty tasteless. Abit more salt would be good. But 4 out of 5 dishes were great, so no complaints la.

If you are in Sabak Bernam, make a trip to this restaurant, the prices are very reasonable, the seafood extremely fresh and taste superb. Give them a ring if you can’t find it, they will direct you. But key it into your GPS, it should be able to find it.

Restoran Kuang Wah

No. 1 Jalan Enam,

Bagan (Tepi Laut),

45300 Sungai Besar,


Pork free

Tel: 03-32242368

Fax: 03-32245097

H/P : 012-2035097, 016-22901771

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  2. i have been here too, yes its nice, yes better called before u go, i went another time, they did not do business cause at night they got a big dinner so morning they dont do business

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