Pantai Seafood, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara

It's close and convenient to get to from the Damansara area

It's close and convenient for those living in the Damansara area.

The other day I went with Sue Ann and our families to Pantai Seafood in Kampung Kayu Ara for a nice seafood dinner.

If you’ve ever been to this place you kind of wonder how the owner ever decided to put his/her restaurant there in the first place. It’s located in the middle of a kampung area and surrounded by those car chop shops (where you see alot of halved cars stacked up on shelves).

I guess rent was cheap.

Look what I found in the large tanks of seafood

Look what I found in the large tanks of seafood

My dad, after just getting back from Dubai where he works was in need of some good Chinese food and as usual when he just gets back, he ordered alot of food.

Tung Fun

Tung Fun

First up was some tung fun (if that’s how you spell it) or glass noodles, a favourite of my family. It’s just so light to eat and all the sauces seem to stick really well to the noddles. It must be the starch content I guess.

Talapia fish

Although I say ‘next up’ was the fish dish, in reality all the dishes arrived at the same time so that you can enjoy your whole meal at once. The man who took our order specifically asked us if we wanted all our food out at the same time but we told him to bring the tun fun out first.

The fish was cooked with just soy sauce, garlic and some spring onions and was really fresh.

Potato leaf vegetables

Potato leaf vegetables

Nestum deep fried squid

Nestum deep fried squid

The potato leaf vegetables are a favourite of Sue Ann and her family. The Nestum deep fried squid is basically squid fried in the usual batter but with Nestum flakes in it. This gives the dish a savoury-sweet flavour which works really well.

Deep fried pork 'hand'

Deep fried pork 'hand'

I always thought it was pork foot or knuckle when you order it, but the guy said it was pork ‘hand’ which was a bit strange to me. But other than that, this is the house specialty, deep fried to a golden brown, cut up and served with a pepper based dipping sauce.

The meat is tender and soft while the outer skin is crunchy with a slight salty taste which goes well together.


Tiger Prawns

Salted egg crab

Kam Heong crab

As for the seafood, my dad ordered prawns, 1kg of salted egg crab and 1kg of Kam Heong crab. All the dishes above were eaten by 8 people. Almost 1 dish each. haha.

The prawns tasted like most other prawns I’ve had before, fried in some type of black sauce, but they did taste fresh.

The salted egg crab was really nice, the salted egg giving the meat a very nice savoury taste but also making it taste almost ‘creamy’.

The Kam Heong crab tasted almost like black pepper crab but with a hint of the Kam Heong flavour, similar to the taste you would get from curry leaves.

All in all the bill came to just above RM250 but our fish was free, because we had been to Pantai Seafood a few weeks before and when you spend above RM200+ you get a voucher for one free fish (talapia) with any new purchase of RM100 and above.

So we got another voucher since we spent more than RM200 again. All in all, a very nice meal at an affordable price (for that much seafood) and located within 10 minutes from my house.

Pantai Seafood Village

Lot 13575, Jalan Cempaka

PJU 6A, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara

47400, PJ

Cuisine: Chinese

Non Halal

Telephone: 03- 77255099/77251099

6 thoughts on “Pantai Seafood, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara

  1. demsi: i know what you mean about it being crazy… went on a sunday once, damn packed. The key is to make a booking at least 2 hours before. then you’re fine…

    geek: yeah the nestum deep fried squid was suprisingly nice. savoury and sweet at the same time. kinda like dipping garlic naan in sweetened condesnsed milk… mmmmm

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  3. hi everyone! i accidently came across a food outlet which i wish everyone can share the good food there.its steam chicken rice n kaisi hofun(chicken floss koayteow).the soup is very nice n it just like a mom’s cooking as well.location is at seapark pj tong fong coffee shop.just look for the chicken rice stall.u will no regret.

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