Muara Sungai Duyong,Permatang Pasir, Malacca

Medan Ikan Bakar Muara Duyung
Medan Ikan Bakar Muara Duyung

Everytime we head  back to Malacca, we’ll try our best to head down to this ikan bakar place at Permatang Pasir. This is a hidden treasure, situated at the river mouth of Sungai Duyung you know you will definitely get good seafood here.

Crocodile Warning - You have been warned
Crocodile Warning – You have been warned

Soo close to the river mouth that the Malacca goverment actually had to put a sign warning patrons to be careful if they see any crocodiles. And I think I did see a baby one at the river bank. I’m not kiddin. But not to worry, they can’t climb up the embankment cause its too steep. Its more to warn us humans not to harm the crocodiles when we see them.

The crowd is coming in
The crowd is coming in

Remember to come early to this place becausae it tends to get quite pack. Its a very open concept with an indoor area and an outdoor verandah area. Its very airy and breezy as there’s no walls or windows.  You get the fresh sea breeze.

Picking out dinner

Picking out dinner
Picking out dinner

First you start off by picking out what kinds of fish, prawns, squids, mussels, la la…etc you want to eat. You can be assured that these are fresh from sea/ river (especially since you are dinning beside the source of supply).There are many to choose from. The guy at the counter will give recommendations and also weigh and take your orders.

Different cooking styles
Different flavors to cook with

After choosing your choice of seafood, you can choose what kind of  flavouring you want to go with. You do so by choosing from a signboat on the wall. As you can see there’s quite alot of choices.

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak and the secret sauce
Nasi Lemak and the secret sauce

Another difference is that you don’t eat this just white rice but with nasi lemak! and not forgetting THE SAUCE. Look at the picture you know this tastes soooooo good. From what I can decipher, its a mix of black sauce, diced green chillies, onions and lime juice… MmmmMmmmm. ( Are you drooling yet?)

Grilled Ikan Pari aka Stingray
Grilled Ikan Pari aka Stingray wrapped in pandan leaf
The sell out Otak-Otak - you MUST eat this..MUST
The sell out Otak-Otak – you MUST eat this..MUST!
Deep Fried Squid - The must have for a seafood meal by the river mouth
Deep Fried Squid – The must have for a seafood meal by the river mouth
Grilled Sepahat - Don't know what its called in English
Grilled Sepahat – Don’t know what its called in English

Tauhu Bakar from a nearby stall

Tauhu Bakar from a nearby stall

As you can see, lots of food. So good, so stuffed after. But it was just awesome. I love coming here. And the prices are reasonable too look at the breakdown below.

Janak 48.20

Pari 16.10

Sotong 27

Sepahat 24

lala 16

Sayur 8

Tauhu 9

nasi 15.60

Bear in mind we had at least 2 packets of nasi lemak each, I think my uncle had 4. So you can just imagine how good it is. If you can find your way there, please go. =)

Muara Sungai Duyong

Medan Ikan Bakar

KM4-5,Jalan Padang Temu,

Permatang Pasir,

75460 Malacca.


Tel: 017 7794215

Opening hours: 5pm – 12am

14 thoughts on “Muara Sungai Duyong,Permatang Pasir, Malacca

  1. WE were here some years ago and remembered it as a 2 step open air stall where you can even wade to the nearby river mouth to catch crocodiles. We remember particularly the tiny nasi lemak and the flower crab grilled black which our Malacca host called the Gearbox ! certainly one of those type of why-so-pack -ah only-selling-burnt-fish-wat Malay shops all over the country…even in Kelana Jaya, PJ in broad daylight !

  2. haha, wow, that must have been some time back.It has certainly changed alot from how you described it. I particularly like the tiny packets of nasi lemak and also the dipping sauce which came with it. Not sure bout the Gearbox though..haha. I always thought Gearbox was a kinda malay soup as I always see signs saying ‘Sup Gearbox’ at some malay stalls, but have yet to try it.

  3. Hai!

    Can anyone guide me how to get there from Zoo Melaka?
    Planning for a short trip with my kids mid of this week.
    Would like to have dinner at Muara Sungai Duyong,Permatang Pasir.


  4. Hi!!!..this is the best dinner i ever hadwe’re heading there from malacca town at 10pm yersterday(sunday),arrived but the place is not so,thought dat we might be going to the wrong place,we go straight until we saw some local villagers dance ‘joget lambak’ in the middle of the nite..goosebumps,but yet..hungry..hahaha..

    ..after sum arguements,my hubby go to those ‘so,u think u can dance’ members,and asked where its the hidden treasure of seafood rest,luckily they aint vampires@supernatural..and show us the direction..nyummy2..
    we r so lucky to reach there just before they closed,and suprisingly not so crowd as the tokeh said,its sunday!..if saturday nite,’adik,jgn harap’..full house..
    so back to the menu,we had
    1)sotong goreng tepong
    2)udang masak halia
    3)ketam greng cili
    4)kerapu masak 3 rasa
    5)udang sweet n sour
    6)ketam masak serai
    7)ikan bakar pandan kerapu
    8)2 jug of watermelon
    9)1 jug of rose syrup
    not to mention,we r in group of 8 hungry people..haha,not to forget,20 of otak2,and more than 10 nasik lemak…

    u guys have any ideas how much dat costs us?…its below rm300,plus the fods taste so good until i asked them to tapau me the kuah cili..haha..

    no doubt,the place aint cosy but comfy..air breeze,the view of boats,sound ofthe is very fisherman village which got superb seafood!!nyum2…

    so,i will 100% promote this place to all…we re heading back to kl with our stomach full of foods,good moment to remember…

  5. Guys, got new branch call Muara Sg Duyung II
    Just open !!!
    Location : Look out point (ampang/hulu langat)
    it is between parking lot and arab restaurant.
    So please spread the word :D cheers!

  6. Tasteless food.The price, cut throat. RM89.80 for :-

    1) Jenahak – Sweet & sour – Tasteless. Smelly fish.
    2) 2 Sotong goreng kunyit
    3) Kupang masak cili – The chili paste is not fully cooked
    4) Sayur campur 1 set – So so upset
    5) 3 plate of white rice
    6) 1 jag of sugar cane

  7. it is five minutes drive from portugese settlement n 10mins from mahkota parade.we went there recently n we never miss going there every year(for 6 years already) when we visited malacca.For 13 pax every year we found out that the price keep on increasing for the same food that we ate.From rm$300 n now rm$ future we have to lok for other place.

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