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We were very lucky to be invited to Godiva in Pavilion to sample some of their chocolates and cakes and we were absolutely delighted when we received the invite since Godiva is known to be the cream of the crop, our literally the ferrari of chocolates here in Malaysia.


Godiva was actually founded in Brussels, Belgium by a man named Jospeh Draps. The little logo of the naked woman of the horse is actually a picture of lady Godiva. Legend has it that lady Godiva once rode naked on horseback through the city so that the Earl at that time will not levy heavy taxes on the people. As the people’s tribute to her sacrifices, they actually deserted the streets and close all the windows while she rode in the city. She is now immortalised as Godiva’s trademark logo. Ok, so enough bout history, now to the chocolates…mmm


There are so many types of chocolates available that I don’t even know where to begin with. Godiva chocolatier specializes in hand made chocolates air flown all the way from Belgium. The usual chocolates are the dark, white and milk chocolates but they have taken it step further coming up with different collections of chocolates by infusing various flavours into it.


As we were mostly bigger fans of dark chocolates, we started with a range of dark chocolate which were recommended by Yazeed, the brand manager of Godiva. We had the Volupté 72 which is dark chocolate filled with 72% cocoa and dark chocolate paste. This was extremely rich. We also had the Coeur Noir which is dark chocolate filled with cognac flavoured dark chocolate paste. I was expecting the flavour from this chocolate to be overwhelming given the description but it was actually very subtle and melts in your mouth leaving a very smooth aftertaste. This is what good quality chocs is about :)


Then we went for the truffle.First one we had was the Truffe Irish Coffee. You would love the description of this truffe, here goes, whipped coffee cream and dark chocolate paste with Whisky, enrobed in dark chocolate and rolled in milk chocolate flakes with coffee flavour. The go all out on the small little details in the making of this one truffe, not to mention it was handmade. The flavour is explosive, bite through the hard chocolate crust on the outside and you reach the rich filling inside, and the you can really taste the coffee. Next was the Truffe Grand Marnier, which was milk chocolate butter cream with Grand Marnier (liquor) , housed in milk and dark chocolate shell, rolled in light brown cocoa powder. By now, we were getting very stuffed. Pure cocoa butter was used for the production of these chocolates, and you can really taste and see the quality difference of these chocolates compared to the normal chocs.


It does not end there, we were also treated to the Godiva cakes they had on display. First was the pure chocolate indulgence Godiva chocolate cake. Need I describe how it taste? Just imagine a chocolate cake made out of Godiva quality chocolates smothered with Godiva chocolate spread. Sinfully guilty but a must try.


Then there’s the less sinful Godiva Dark Chocolate Cheesecake. After all the rich chocolates, this was a welcomed dessert. This had a more subtle chocolate taste to it, and being a cheesecake fan, this was one of my favourites.


And lastly, for those who don’t want any chocolate at all, there’s the Carrot Cake with Ginger and Kalamasi Frosting available. The carrot cake had bits of ginger in it as well, so it added an extra kick. It was also topped with Kalamansi frosting which is something new. I felt the ginger was  a bit too overpowering, but then again, after all the chocolates we had, any flavour other than chocolate will definitely be highly accentuated.


And to top it all of, one must not forget drinks. We tried the hot cocoa which comes in a little teapot on top of a flame so that your cocoa will always be warm. A very nice drink to have if you want a place to relax with a good book.


We also tried the chocolixirs which they are currently promoting. I had the limited edition dark chocolate banana chocolixir. I would say this is the elixir to instant happiness. Ice blended dark chocolate with banana puree topped off with whip cream and a drizzle of banana essence, this is simply delicious. But I must warn you, because it’s so rich and thick, this is probably enough to keep you full for half a day.


And finally, we also had the Dark Chocolate Decadence chocolixir. This is a pure chocolate drink, the name pretty much describes it all. Pure dark chocolate ice blended topped off with whip cream and more chocolate drizzle.

We truly enjoyed our invitation to Godiva and wish to thank both Yazeed and Winnie for having us. We went back very happy that night, though a tad bit over-stuffed from all the chocs but we had a good time.

Btw, Godiva also specialised in personalized and corporate gifts and have a range of other products such as chocolate mooncakes ( for the mooncake festival), biscuits, chocolate bars (duh) and even their chocolate sauce which they used on their cakes.

Godiva Chocolatier

Pavilion KL

Lot P2. 15.00

Level 2, Pavilion KL,

168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,

55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2142 5252


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  2. I’m interested and have view some of your product info.

    P/s send me godiva chocolate sales / promotion for
    Malaysia “Myr” November to December 2011,

    How many chocolate shop you have in Malaysia!

    Thanks & best regards


  3. dear sir

    I lost my keys at your godiva shop todat 16/4.2012………..pls call me if u find it ……….thanks kalyani

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