Famous Pisang Goreng, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

Brickfields Pisang Goreng

Brickfields Pisang Goreng

In search of a good dessert after lunch, we found ourselves in brickfielsds at their famous pisang goreng stall. This stall is situated opposite the entrance of YMCA in a little corner coffeeshop called Restoran Yit Seang.

You know you are the right place when u see the queue

You know you are at the right place when u see a queue

There were many people queuing up in the heat just wanting to taste this uncle’s pisang goreng, us being one of them. While waiting for our pisang goreng, we managed to speak to the owner of the stall and found out the stall has been here for the past 27 years! Amazing. There are two generations running the stall now, the father who does the frying and also the son whome we spoke to.

Pisang Raja imported from Pahang

Pisang Raja imported from Pahang

So when asked bout their secret to their success, he pointed out that only the best ingredients are used. The bananas they used are specially imported from Pahang, and is a species called Pisang Raja. The king of bananas. These bananas are usually exported to Singapore.

The array of delicious fried stuff

The array of delicious fried stuff

They not only serve their special pisang goreng, but they also sell their other best seller kuih bakul which is actually ‘nian kau’ ( i don’t know what its called English) wedged in between 2 pieces of yam, dipped in batter and deep fried.  Oooo..so good.. These were selling like hot cakes.

Pisang Raja goreng

Pisang Raja goreng

After getting our fried goodness, we headed into the coffeeshop to dig in. It was delicious. The pisang goreng literally melts in your mouth and it feels as if it was soaked in honey, it was really sweet. Absolutely divine. It will go perfectly with a scoop of vanilla ice cream..Mmmm.

Kuih Bakal -aka- 'nian gau'

Kuih Bakal

The kuih bakul, what can I say? Look a the photo and you can see for yourself. This you must eat when its hot. The ‘nian gau’ in the middle melts when fried so when you bite in, you just bite into the gooey centre. Will definitely be back for more. And whats more, you can actually call in advance to place your order and you can come and pick it up after. This will definitely make a good tea time snack or dessert at your open house. Worth it.

Brickfields Pisang Goreng


Opposite entrance from YMCA

Opening hours: 1230pm – 6pm

Mr Chiam 012-6172511

6 thoughts on “Famous Pisang Goreng, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

  1. Kevin, yea we are still in the process of working something out. Hopefully we can get it up and running soon..=)

    Photosophize ,the fried bananas are even more delicious than it looks. I loved it.

    Lisalicious, let us know if about the one in klang, maybe we could pay them a visit too..=)

  2. Sue Ann, the fried Ning Ko has a piece of sweet potato and another piece of yam sandwiching the Ning Ko. The sweet potato comes in various colours like purple, yellow and orange. So it could be mistaken as also yam. Not two pieces of yam unless they run out of yam. Also yam relatively very expensive.

  3. the goreng pisang is my favorite, my aunty bought 4me once i was 6or 7 yrs old, since then i became he’s fan. now im 27 each time i go to kl will passby brickfields to get that goreng pisang. after i got married each time my husband pass by brickfield he will drop by to buy goreng pisang for me. my family n frens love that. that goreng pisang taste sweet, crispy wow i just love that. currently im at new zealand and i miss that goreng pisang so much.

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