Chawan, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru


Not too long ago, we met up with Shene and Jason at this place called Chawan on a Saturday. Parking was a killer, but we were lucky to get a spot on one of the roads. The logo of this cafe is so fitting, with the coffee mug stain on it, because this place is famous for their kopi from all over Malaysia.

IMG_0233Its a very kopitiam cum cafe cum mamak kinda place but with a very minimalist vibe to it. You can come here for a meal, or for a snack or just to have kopi with your friends. It goes for all occasions.

We ordered

Mee Bandung Rm9.90

Keropok Lekor Rm4.50

Rojak Buah Rm6.90

Bubur Kacang Merah Rm3.50

Kopi Hang Tuah Rm3.80

Honey Lemon Tea Rm4.80

Teh Tarik Rm4.00

Chawan Frappe Ice Rm5.50


The Mee bandung came first. Mee bandung’s original birthplace is actually in Muar Johor, and its sauce is  made from predominantly dried shrimp, chicken/beef stock and oyster sauce, hence its thick texture. We felt the mee bandung was a bit too salty for our tasting, but we finished anyway :)


Fruit rojak, I guess this is probably the healthiest we can get as this is the closest fruit salad we have to the original. Not bad, the hae ko was nice and the crushed peanuts blended well with everything.

IMG_0236 Keropok Lekor, one of my favourites. I used to eat this at school everytime during recess. Keropok lekor is first boiled while in dough form and later fried hence the outside is crunchy, and the inside is soft and doughy. Kinda like the Malay version of ‘Yau char kwai’.

IMG_0244 Our bubur kacang merah was really thick as you can see, and they were very generous on their santan.  Shene quite liked this dish, but I found it abit too sweet. I always had a ‘salty’ tooth. haha.

IMG_0242Jason wanted caffeine that night, so he opted from Kopi Hang Tuah. This kopi is from Penang though I have to forewarn of the bitter after taste as the biscuits you see on the side are to rid of the bitterness after drinking it.

IMG_0246 William opted for Chawan Frappe Ice, which was actually ice coffee with quite alot of milk. You can choose from a list of coffees they have for this drink.  He just closed his eyes and pointed. I can’t even remember what he choose. Luckily it tasted ok.

I suggest visiting during weekdays rather than weekend due to the parking limitation. Nice place to chill and hang out or if you are a coffee addict. They have about 10 different types of coffees from different states. Pretty interesting.


69-G Jalan Telawi,

3 Bangsar Baru

59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 22875507

8am – 12am

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6 thoughts on “Chawan, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru

  1. We were here some months back and were taken aback by the lack of the usual heavy morning crowd and worse of all terribly made half boiled eggs.and slow service. Quite lacklustre unBangsar telawi and way different feel from the previous Devis Corner.

    Wonder if they have since improved , otherwise…

  2. hmm..when we went there that night, the service was pretty ok. Maybe cause it wasn’t as packed as the early mornings. We went there pretty late around 10ish at night, hence the crowd wasn’t so big. In fact most of the crowd was leaving cause they were closing up. So I guess, in that sense, our food came reasonably fast cause they probably wanted to close shop for the day..hehe.

  3. Didn’t really enjoy either of my experiences at Chawan…tried the nasi lemak the first time with the beef rendang…but the beef was very tough and fatty…and the sambal wasn’t so nice…went again for drinks and my friend got something to eat and the service was pretty bad…not sure how the dish she got was cuz I didn’t taste it…but it looked very oily…not a place I would go again…

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