Carnaval Brazillian Buffet (Churrascaria), Damansara Jaya

Vegetarians be warned! The following post contains excessive consumption of meat, meat and more meat.

Carnaval Brazilian buffet restaurant, located in a corner of Damansara Jaya is a meat lovers haven. It would even make Homer Simpson proud.

East meets west

A little part of brazil in Malaysia

One half of the salad bar

This half of the salad bar has the savoury foods

This half the salad bar has all the greens

The other half of the salad bar has all the greens

How it works is you pay a fixed price (RM48 for adults) and then it’s all you can eat. The salad bar has a range of salads and savoury dishes and the meat is brought around on long metal rods, which the waiters cut for you over your plate. From the salad bar, my favourite is definately the brazillian black bean and beef stew with the remaining vegetables basically used as roughage… haha.

Guys would definately prefer this place over girls, as it is very neanderthal in nature, “Men make fire, men bring meat, men cook meat!”

Did I mention that they bring the meat around on long metal rods and cut it on each and every one of your plates? That means there are waiters running around with hot sticks of meat and giant knives passing past your head every few minutes, which you quickly forget once you start eating.

Asking the uncle who runs the place, that day there was the following:

2 cuts of Australian rump steak

1 cut of New Zealand lamb shoulder


Chicken Gizzard (Kidney)


Chicken Sausage

Chicken Ham

Garlic Beef

Roasted Pineapple

Garlic Bread

They keep bringing the meat around until you are too full to eat.

The absolutely tasty black bean brazillian beef stew.

The absolutely tasty black bean brazillian beef stew. (Say that 10 times fast!)

The steak was nice, with choices of medium and medium rare available for people to choose from, but my favourite cut of meat was the lamb shoulder. It has a very nice charred outer skin, which was flavoured with a very savoury garlic marinade. The meat on the inside was very tender and juicy and you could ask for gigantic cuts of meat from the waiter.

Look at the size of that cut of meat!

A mint and parsely/coriander sauce for the meat

A mint and parsely/coriander sauce for the meat

A salsa sauce for your meat as well.

A salsa sauce for your meat as well.

The fish and chicken were nice as well, with the fish having a curry tasting marinade whereas the chicken had a garlic based seasoning on it.

Sir, would you like a side of meat with your meat?

The manager let us know that on different nights, some of the cuts of meat vary, with seafood available some nights, but the popular cuts of meat never change, these being the beef rump steak and the lamb shoulder.

I got a little carried away eating all that meat.

I got a little carried away eating all that meat.

Love eating meat? Relatives and friends refer to you as DBKL? Do you eat a whole pizza for lunch by yourself? Then Carnaval is the place for you.


No. 77, Jalan SS22/19

Damansara Jaya

(Near Atria shoppping center)

Mondays – Sundays (Call and ask about their daily promotions, e.g. buy 5 free 1, free BYO etc.)

Dinner only

Cuisine: Brazillian buffet (Churrascaria)


Tel: +60(3) 7725 2252/7728 5411

9 thoughts on “Carnaval Brazillian Buffet (Churrascaria), Damansara Jaya

  1. Hey!!! Your reveiw has made my mouth water and I’ve made a plan with 5 others to visit the Carnival for tonight. Only I had a little query: is the RM48 pp including tax and drinks???? Can you please reply A.S.A.P because I wanted to reserve a table…hopefull not all tables are booked! Fingers Crossed :P

    • Halal. I’ve been there, it’s really nice. If I’m not mistaken it’s actually owned by a Megat. Malay lah, basically. Although they do serve liquor, so cannot put halal sign.

        • The food is halal, even if the restaurant cannot use the halal sign (whether or not that means the restaurant is halal).

          Ask yourself – do you go there to eat the food or to eat the restaurant?

          So, whether your order (i.e. food) is halal depends on whether you order liquor.

          Maybe the more important decision is who you decide to dine with.

          To me, as long as there’s no MSG it’s halal/kosher/wonderful/great. Enjoy!

  2. Halal means free from lard, liqour, pork etc. Beef must be properly slaughtered by Muslim etc. Beware…or your fasting in the Holy month of Ramadhan goes down the drain. Hope the owner is fully aware of these being a good Muslim

  3. Oh dear so that means most muslims I see dining at TGIF, Chilis or most upscale eateries in Bangsar with an inhouse Bar are horribly deceived….sad.

  4. Hi, Is it all u can eat style? means buffet style with no limitation of food consumption? because I saw above written: 2 cuts of Australian rump steak and 1 cut of New Zealand lamb shoulder… Is there only 2 cuts of that Australian rump steak for each person???

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