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Always dreaming of that trip to Bali, but never had the chance to go? Well, frus no more, as we have a piece of Bali in our own backyard. Bora Asmara, a Balinese themed restaurant found tucked away in Kampung Sungai Penchala. This restaurant serves up a mix of Asian, Western and Fusion food, making it a one stop shop for fickle minded food goers.

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Enter through the entrance and you’ll find yourself immersed in ‘Bali’ literally. You are greeted by beautiful Bali landscape, with cascading water features and shrouded in Banyan and coconut trees. And also you’ll see little balinese huts where you can dine in, and across the courtyard there are air con function rooms which also double up as the indoor dining area. So you can opt to dine alfresco style under the stars and moon or to escape from the heat, in their indoor dining area.

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I’m sure the photos can show you how authentically Bali this place is. There is also calming Balinese music playing in the background,making you feel as though you are in a spa.

The staff was also very friendly, with the assistant manager, Din, greeting us upon our arrival.

Our orders that night were


Nyonya Assam Fish RM42.90

Kailan Salted Fish RM11.90

Ayam Bakar Warung RM19.90

Tempe Penyet RM5.90


Lemongrass Chiller RM7.90

Bandrek RM7.90

Asmara Saloma RM10.90

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We were served a generous portion for the Nyonya Assam Fish, a whole fish to be exact. Not too spicy with a lot of vegetables thrown in like ladies fingers, tomatoes, onions and pineapples so it added to the sweet taste.

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The salted fish kailan was pretty normal, just abit more spicy cause they added some chilli in there. So it had a little extra kick to it.

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Tempe Penyet, I believe this is a bali-nese style inspired dish, and I personally quite liked it. It is deep fried tempeh eaten with sambal. Remember to smear lots of sambal on it, or not it won’t have much taste eaten on its own.

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This was definitely one of our favourites that night. Ayam Bakar Warung. It is basically grilled chicken thigh, and the meat was very juicy and easy to come off the bone. It came with a sauce, kinda like a percik style sauce, slightly creamy, lemony with a tiny tiny hint of chili.

Bora Asmara-3

They had some pretty unique drinks as well. The Bandrek which is a lemongrass and ginger tea is good for the tummy especially after a meal.

Bora Asmara

This one is the Asmara Saloma, a watermelon + lychee milkshake. Very refreshing, topped with whipped cream. This came recommended by the waiter. Once he told us the combination, I immediately ordered one. haha.

All in all the food was relatively comfortable, although people enjoy the place more for the ambience. Come at night , when it is all lighted up, cause it is beautiful. They also have a live band that will come serenade you at your table starting from 815pm every night :)

Here are some photos of the night view at the restaurant.

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They also can do functions,parties and even weddings and can seat up to 1000 pax. Nice place to bring your dates too..hint hint. Though I must warn you that there are alot of mosquitoes when you sit outside, so unless they have mosquito coil, its recommended you sit indoors.

Bora Asmara

Lot 3330, Kg. Sg. Penchala,

Jalan Damansara,

60000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 7726 0964

Fax: 03 7726 9064

Email: [email protected]


Opening times:  12-3pm Lunch (Except Friday)

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6 – 12 midnight Dinner

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  1. sagor, 4 years ago

    hi madam how are u?

       -   Reply
  2. ana, 4 years ago

    Dear All,
    I have been here many times with my date and it was perfect. Jst slap on some insect spray and u will be alright. Bt indoors is very cooling as it is air conditioned and yet its glass all around so u get the same beautiful view.

    I once celebrated my date’s bday here- they made it a success! The band played for us a birthday song, there was a clown there with a ‘happy birthday sign’ and the manager and staff was there too. Plus the band lingered on to play for us extra songs! I liked this place. It is so quite. It is almost like Kuala Lumpur’s best kept secret!

    I didnt manage to get the pondok seats as it needs to sit 6pax otherwise abit susah lah. Kena pujuk the staff. Sometimes they may give it to u if u make EARLY reservation- 1 week in advance!

    Best place ever! Cant wait to go back!!!!

       -   Reply
  3. sueann, 3 years ago

    hi thr, i would like to ask bout the rental for ur restaurant for private event.

       -   Reply
  4. mahadhir, 3 years ago

    saya akan attend satu dinner pada Disember akan datang.boleh cadangkan hotel atau tempat penginapan yang terdekat dengan Bora Asmara.satu lagi senang saya dapatkan teksi untuk tujuan tersebut.terima kasih atas kerjasama anda.

       -   Reply
  5. Nani, 1 year ago

    If nak celebrate birthday berdua sja, kte kena booking dulu ke??

       -   Reply

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