Amanda Brownie Kukus, Bandung, Indonesia


Amanda Brownie Kukus, Bandung

Not too long ago, our friend Geraldine who’s studying in Indo came back and paid all of us a visit in KL. And she did not come empty handed.

Brought with her all the way from Bandung, Indonesia were 6 boxes of steamed brownies from a shop called Amanda back there. We were soo happy. The brownies came a long way, across ocean, land and air. Thanks babe!


Cheese flavoured steam brownie


Chocolate flavoured Steamed Brownie

The brownies came in 2 different flavours, cheese and chocolate. You can kinda see the cheese cubes in the cheese brownie, I personally did not get to taste the cheese flavour but according to my friend it is a sell out back in Indo and this was confirmed by Tim who brought it home..


Close up of the chocolate brownie kukus

I had the chance to bring back the chocolate brownie, the size of the brownie is huge, looks more like brownie loaf. To eat, heat it up in the microwave and enjoy with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream. Ooo yummy. The texture of the brownie is slightly different, it had a lighter feel to it, not so heavy on the palate. I guess its because its steamed, it felt more airy.

But remember to eat it asap, cause it doesn’t last too long after its baked. We had 2 days starting from the day she bought it to finish it up as stated on the box ( which wasn’t a problem), however, you can keep it longer if you put it in the fridge. Also be careful if you are carrying these back to M’sia, cause there are holes at the sides of the box, which, if not careful, may have some unwanted ‘pests’ in your brownie. You have been forewarned ;)

Other than that enjoy!!!

Amanda Brownie Kukus

Bandung, Indonesia

(Chain restaurant)

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